Cork Removal


Cork removal is a process that is greatly respectful of the environment, with very low impact and is obtained from renewable resources since it does not require felling. That is why cork is an ecological product that respects the environment and maintains the tree flora of the exploitation areas..

Between May and June, the cork makers remove the bark from the cork oak by cutting it with an ax and removing the cork boards. Cork can be removed from the cork oak for the first time when it is between 30 and 60 years old, when it reaches a thickness of more than 70 cm and a height of 1.30 m. This first layer is called “bornizo cork”, which is usually used for decorative or insulation elements since it is difficult to separate the cork from the woody layer and it does not comply with health regulations for other industries.

After about 9 to 14 years have passed since the first removal, the second removal, called “secondary cork”, is carried out. However, it is not until the third removal that the cork obtains optimum quality for the manufacture of products such as cork tops or lids.

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